When struggling families are given better tools and shown a new path, they are able to create a brighter future. Janet’s mother had abandoned her, leaving her devastated. The seventeen-year-old had a newborn baby and nowhere to go. She began living with her boyfriend and his family who had taken her in. The family was always moving and Janet and her son, Alex, had to move with them. The girl longed for a stable place of her own to live but she was not even going to school--how could she when the family was so unstable? Janet wanted her mother and yearned for her life the way it used to be. This is when Family Compass began to work with Janet.

Her case manager provided support and took her to counseling because she had no transportation. They discussed the goals that she had for her life and the kind of mother she wanted to be. She and her case manager focused on her hope for the future and what she could do to achieve her dreams. Janet soon got a job at a grocery store, figured out how to ride the bus to and from school, and managed to enroll her not quite 2-year-old son in day care. Janet is a remarkable young woman. She takes good care of her son, works, and still takes 3 buses to get to school. She needed someone she could count on to encourage her, teach her, and to tell her that she can create a good life for herself and Alex.

Family Compass gave her the opportunity to receive that support. Since inception, we have served approximately 2,000 children and parents per year over 25 years. In 2016, 95% of the families we worked with in our home-mentoring services did not get referred into the CPS system, which means we helped keep 760 children from having a confirmed case of child abuse or neglect. Additionally, 9 out of 10 teen parents in our home mentoring programs remained in or entered school or employment, paving the way for a better life.