Being an adolescent girl is never easy, even in the best of circumstances. And when a girl comes from a low-income family that is not able to provide their daughter with opportunities to help her grow, thrive, and become her best self, teen years can be especially difficult.

As a Circle friend and donor, your loyal support gives underserved girls a fresh start, and we are grateful for the difference your generosity has made.

Let me tell you about Hannah. Hannah is a Circle girl who has come full circle. The child of divorced parents, she joined the program as a fifth-grader and now, nine years later, she has graduated from high school, and with scholarship assistance, is enrolled in a technical college. Circle’s winning combination of residential camp and the encouragement and caring of her year-round volunteer mentor helped her in immeasurable ways to become a confident young woman ready to succeed on whatever path she chooses to take despite the opportunity gap she struggled with as a child. Hannah was always on the verge of failing in school, especially in math. She truly believed she was not capable of doing well. Even though her mother was supportive, Hannah lost out on many opportunities because she chose take part only in activities where she felt her success seemed guaranteed. Over time, Hannah’s mentor, with consistent support and encouragement, helped Hannah try new things. She enrolled in a dance class and discovered an unexpected interest in hip hop music and cheerleading. Her mentor was with her all the way, and older dancers in her dance class encouraged her to develop her own personal style. As Hannah began to see that she could succeed in new experiences, her attitude and confidence improved and she began to make gradual changes in her life. She started taking better care of her appearance, organized her room and schoolwork, and set a challenging goal to improve in math. She is thrilled to report she is doing well in her college math courses.

Because of your loyal support and your understanding of the importance of the mission of Circle Program, Hannah has developed the skills and confidence to succeed in becoming her best self. With many thanks from all of us at Circle for your continued and generous support.