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Today's story comes from Laura, who wrote about being able to make a difference in the lives of foster children in Arizona: 

Last year at the Arizonans for Children Christmas party for foster kids one of the little girls I had matched with a mentor was there. She gave me big hugs and thanked me for finding her the perfect mentor. Throughout the party she would check in with me to ask if I had seen The Dark Empire, or Big Red. She told me all about the turkey dinner she had along with lots of cakes. 

Towards the end of the party as the bags of gifts were being handed out I saw her across the gym with the bag of gifts next to her. She had big, ugly tears streaming down her little face. I dropped everything I had and ran all the way across the gym, got down on my knees and asked her what was the matter. Between the tears and big gulping sobs she said "I must not be the bad girl Ms. Martha said I was or Santa would not have given me all these presents" Ms. Martha was a former foster placement. I hugged her tight and reassured her that she was right, she is a good girl and Santa would know. 

This is just one story from the hundreds of children that came to the party. Many of the kids I had met while interviewing them to get a mentor. They all remembered me, "the lady that actually listened when they talked," as one 14-year-old girl said.

Kids in foster care are so vulnerable. My heart breaks for all they go through. Arizonans for Children helps alleviate some of their hardships and improves their fragile lives every day. And every day I get to be a part of that.

From the visitation centers to the STEM classes to the Annual Holiday Party - every single step taken is to bring joy to these kids lives while teaching basic life lessons. I am so blessed to be a part of this. 

- I wrote this in support of Arizonans for Children, INC

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