Archbishop Borders School is a 501(c)(3), Catholic community elementary and middle school that delivers an engaging dual-language, Spanish immersion program to a diverse population from Baltimore City and surrounding counties. We serve children in PK3 through 8th grades, provide Title 1 services, a free universal breakfast program, and free-and-reduced lunch options to our students.

We are proud to be the only school in the Archdiocese of Baltimore that offers a dual-language program in English and Spanish. Our curriculum, which features an emphasis on multicultural appreciation and the Catholic Faith, prepares our students to be dynamic members of society through an educational experience informed by diversity, faith, and academic excellence.

The goal of our program is that students will be biliterate and bilingual by 5th grade, which is an incredible asset for children to have as they integrate themselves through high school, college and beyond.

There are several projects we are targeting to complete as a school starting in January 2018. Some of these projects include: improving or purchasing a surround sound system for the gym/auditorium facilities so we can better host large ceremonies, such as graduations, holiday plays and programs, special celebrations and more; renovating our garden and outdoor living space so that the teachers, students and their families can enjoy more outdoor time; and developing a multi-day field trip and program for our Middle School students to explore outdoor life. As demand for our dual language, Spanish immersion educational experience continues to increase, we need to continue to improve and expand our facilities and programs to welcome the increasing number of incoming students. The funds we raise will be used to help pay for one of the aforementioned projects in the next year.