Sammy is 11 years old. He attends a school in Central Pennsylvania and has nonverbal autism. He learned how to communicate using various forms of assistive technology at the age of 4, and now, at the age of 11, he is using his iPad from Andrew's Gift to communicate multiple times throughout the day. Sammy received his communication iPad through Andrew’s Gift this year, and it has given Sammy the freedom to communicate his thoughts and feelings. He is pictured here with his iPad on a recent trip to a corn maze with his family.

Andrew's Gift was developed to provide support to individuals and families living with an autism spectrum disorder. Through the generosity of local founding donors and nonprofit organizations, the foundation seeks to assist those who are pursuing opportunities for individuals with autism but are struggling to find the funding. Families and individuals living in Dauphin, Cumberland, or Perry Counties in Central Pennsylvania may apply for grant money to be used for things that directly improve the life of an individual with autism.

One area of focus of Andrew’s Gift is providing assistive technology and training to individuals and families effected by autism. The iPad and the training day that was provided to Sammy through a grant from Andrew’s Gift has helped him both academically and socially. In a recent letter his mother had this to say, “Thank you for providing direct assistance to families by opening the world of communication and learning to children with autism…We went to a corn maze, and yes, Sammy had his iPad with him. His Andrew's Gift communication iPad is with him at all times, and he communicates his thoughts and feelings frequently. I love the fact that he can communicate his feelings. He will let me know when he is angry, lonely, happy, etc. He was unable to communicate his feelings with other assistive technology, but now, he communicates his feelings with his Andrew's Gift iPad. This has opened a whole new world for Sammy and our family. Thank you!”

Thank you for considering donating to Andrew’s Gift on #GivingTuesday. Help us to continue to provide other opportunities for individuals and families effected by autism in Central Pennsylvania. A generous donor has agreed to match dollar for dollar donations received on this special day. To donate and to find out more information about Andrew's Gift, please visit our site at