All of us kittens and cats at Bee Holistic are looking forward to great things on #GivingTuesday! Some of us need expensive medical tests and procedures, some of us need new beds, and we all want lots of good food! Our community rocks and always comes through for us! We have all come from sad situations, and have found love and great care here and we are looking forward to our future home...with you?

I'm Theo, speaking for the other cats at Bee Holistic! I'm four months old. Cynthia says I'm the most beautiful brown Tabby she's ever seen, even though my eyes are gone! I was brought to Bee with Panleukemia, a big word for a big problem. I had to be hand-fed for three weeks, till I got the strength (and will) to eat again. Cynthia kept telling me I'd make it, and I did! Now I'm fat, (not fat, just right)! She says I'm eating her out of house and home (and she's loving it)! I was near death on the street, and now I have a bright future, even though I can't see any more. Lots of my friends here have survived and are thriving! Come meet us!