All children deserve a quality early education. Yet for many families, the expense of a quality program is too expensive. This means that all too often, children go without early education or are put into sub-standard care. Foundations Preschool provides an excellent education and support services for children. Although there are government subsidized programs for low-income families available, the length of day and year of programming does not cover the needs of working or student families. We help families get a second chance. This is a story from one of our dads:

I brought my son to Foundations Preschool because the judge said I couldn't mess up any more or my child would end up in the foster care system like I was. I want to be a good dad and do right for my kid. I got a job, but preschool was too expensive for me to afford with my low wage. Someone told me about Foundations Preschool. They gave me a good rate I could afford. But, best of all my son is learning what he needs to be like the rest of the kids when he starts kindergarten next year! He is getting meals there, too. I love this place. It is like the second chance me and my parents never had.