Meet Tammie, KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate public charter school nurse, her husband, Rikki, and their three children Jassy, currently a college sophomore at Davidson College in North Carolina, Jaythean, an 8th grader at KIPP Academy Lynn and Jayvin, a 2nd grader at KIPP Academy Lynn Elementary .

Jassy started at KIPP Academy Lynn in 2006 on Bessom Street with just 77 students. Her transition to college was challenging and she overcame many obstacles but she persevered and overcame them with the support from KIPP counselors. Today, she's the captain of the crew team and majoring in economics, inspiring her siblings to do the same.

KIPP MA educates 1,890 students with plans to double in size in 10 years. Over the next 4 weeks KIPP MA will share personal stories about Tammie and her family, how they grew up with KIPP, and some highlights from their experiences there to portray what differentiates KIPP MA from other schools. In the stories we’ll weave in the themes that make KIPP, KIPP, the high expectations we set for our educationally underserved students, a focus on character development, educating with highly effective teachers and leaders in a safe and structured learning environment, and supporting our KIPP MA students and future alumni to and through college.