Manatees, although recently downlisted from their "endangered" status to the "threatened" status face many threats. In 2017 82 manatees have fallen victim to collision with motorboats and over 400 have perished from many other causes. So we're once again turning GivingTuesday into GivingTEESDay! This year we are featuring a day in the life of manatees at Blue Spring State Park to give manatees a voice.

Manatees, especially many mothers and calves rest in the warmth of the spring run, sheltered from boats and cold water. During mid-day the manatees make their way into the St. John's River to feed on vegetation before returning to the safety of the spring run once again to rest. Can we help them by protecting their warm water sites? Can we give them a safer environment in the river by advocating for slow speed zones? Can we use the live webcams to follow individual manatees and monitor those that look sick or appear to have been injured?

Save the Manatee Club invites all of you to give manatees a voice this GivingTEESDay. We will be providing live updates from Blue Spring State Park and will keep you updated on how your gifts are making a difference in the day of a life of a manatee.

#give4manatees. Stay tuned for more information!