This holiday season, most places will have an abundance of canned food drives and dinners for our homeless neighbors. But what about those who have sought help, fought hard, done the classes, and are ready to go back to work? I work for the LegUp, a program that helps people find jobs, gets them to and from work, helps them earn interview ready clothes, get ready to rent, and find stability in their lives. We are here to support our local missions and shelters in DFW, and this #GivingTuesday, clients of the LegUp, who are in our resume building workshop, job-seeking, or are ready to graduate from our program will receive gift cards for lunches to places that run along the bus and train lines, to better equip them for retaining confidence and creating success!

The long fought independence our clients are earning, should be celebrated, and one of the ways we feel would best reward their efforts is peace of mind that if they are out looking for a job, and can’t make it back to the shelter for lunch, that they won’t go hungry. It also demonstrates to them trust- from us and the community as a whole- trust that they have made great choices, stuck to the things they learned in class, and that they are about to emerge on the other side of homelessness.