Kentucky Harvest was started in 1987 with the goal of collecting leftover and surplus food from restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, companies, schools, and food drives and delivering it to shelters, churches, food pantries and other organizations where it is needed. This is food that would otherwise go to waste. Quite simply we move food from people who don’t need it to those who depend on it daily and we do this free of charge. We are different from similar types of non-profit organizations because we are not a food pantry. We pick up food from point A and deliver it to point B the same day.

The mission of Kentucky Harvest is to provide over 2,000,000 pounds of donated food, which is equivalent to over $3,500,000 of in kind donations, annually to people in the Louisville Metro Area, Southern Indiana, Bardstown and Corbin KY. Incredibly, we accomplish all of this with a staff of just 1.5 full time employees and a small fleet of delivery vehicles. The work of picking up and delivering food is executed by a network of non-paid volunteers and community service individuals. Our operating budget is quite small relative to the impact we have on the community. The positive impact we make in the lives of folks in our community has led to Kentucky Harvest being one of the most recognizable charities in the community.