Ryann Chamberlain and Rebecca Vincelette were both in their early 30s when they were diagnosed with breast cancer. When the two women met a few years ago, they quickly discovered that they faced some of the same challenges as young women diagnosed with cancer. “The first time we met we talked for like three and a half hours straight — laughing and crying,” says Rebecca. “And we both walked away thinking oh my word, there’s someone else who gets this.”

They stayed in touch but also hoped to connect with other women in the area. One day, Rebecca was doing some online research and came across a network of support groups called Face2Face, developed by the Young Survival Coalition. However, there wasn’t a group in Maine.

She decided to start a Maine group and Ryann was immediately on board. They contacted the Cancer Community Center in South Portland, Maine and got a thumbs-up on hosting monthly meetings there.

Since then, both women have become even more involved in the Cancer Community Center. Ryann does the cooking demos for What to Eat: Before, During, and After Cancer Treatment sessions at the Center. Led by an oncology dietitian, these monthly workshops help people learn how to manage cancer-related challenges to healthy eating.

Rebecca helped to create Fatigue Factor, a monthly workshop at the Center that helps people learn how to conserve and maximize their energy stores when dealing with cancer-related fatigue.

Ryann and Rebecca have found ways to give back and they have allowed the Cancer Community Center to share their stories as a way of promoting the Center's #GivingTuesday campaign.

Thank you, Ryann and Rebecca!