About a decade ago, when my children were six and eleven, my family and I embarked on a journey to see the “amber waves of grain” and to truly experience our country. We have created many lifelong memories along the way, but I was perhaps most surprised by our nation's National Parks. Their bounty and diverse beauty astounds me. As we traveled, I became more and more aware how important it is for all of the country’s youth to be able to fully experience America. One day while we were horseback riding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I wondered why there wasn't a way for all families to be able to provide such experiences for their children.

Years later, I realized that opportunities don't just happen; someone has to help to create them. It was then that I decided to be that someone.

I established Birthright America to show my gratitude for the opportunities with which I've been provided and that I have been able to provide for my own children. I established Birthright America to provide an opportunity for those children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to visit some of our country's great National Parks to have that chance. Every child - both those born in America and those DREAMERS for whom America has always been their home - should have the same opportunity my children have had - to see and feel what we have experienced while traveling through our beautiful country.