In the world today, many people have become vulnerable due to both natural and manmade disasters. During the occurrence of these disasters, many will die and those left behind will be affected by diseases and/or poor conditions. Long ago, devastating mudslides were only told in stories to the people of Sierra Leone. Today it is a reality and many are suffering from such situations. In a single night, twin disasters hit the country and it has had a devastating impact. August 14, 2017 is now popularly known in the country for major mudslides and flooding.

Thousands were affected on August 14, 2017. The mudslide and flooding in Sierra Leone affected almost an entire community of over 5000 people. In these sad events homes and properties were destroyed, which led to the death of many people. Reports from local radio stations in the country states that over 600 complete bodies were discovered excluding heads, arms and legs. Many of them were left homeless among this population are women and children. Most of the children lost their parents and are now orphans. They are exposed to suffering, diseases and poor health conditions. They need your support to get homes, food, health services and better education.

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