Buyisile, who is 42 years old, lives with her foster child in Ezinketheni, South Africa. In 2016, one of Thandanani’s Food Garden Development Fieldworkers approached her about establishing a food garden at her home, but Buyisile didn’t feel confident about the project. Earlier this year, the fieldworker visited her again and this time Buyisile said that she would like to try a food garden. To get started, the fieldworker brought her fencing materials. He then worked with her to prepare the soil and get the garden going. Since then Buyisile has diligently maintained and developed her garden to the extent that she is now selling vegetables to her neighbors. Her garden is so productive that it has inspired a number of people in the area to start their own gardens.

For AIDS orphans living in child-headed households, food security is a daily struggle. Last year, Starfish provided 6,217 daily meals and food packages to preschools and vulnerable orphaned children that are in desperate need of food. As part of our holistic care model, we also provide gardening and nutrition training and food gardens can be found in the grassroots organizations that we support. This enables communities and individuals the ability to create sustainable change by feeding themselves, learning a skill and the ability to make a small income by selling some produce.

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