There are very few programs that bring girls into the outdoors, to experience camping. Where else can they learn skills like building a campfire, pitching a tent, and canoeing across a lake?

The Founders’ Campership Fund, established in 1999, honors the memory of two women whose dedication and commitment to the Girl Scout movement in lower Bucks County, PA were exemplary. Since that time 121 Girl scouts in the Riverside United Service Unit which is part of Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania (GSEP), have received financial assistance to attend summer Girl Scout Camp.

At camp, the girls can gain confidence in themselves in many areas. It may be the first time they are away from home and family. They will overcome fears and gain self-confidence as they become responsible for taking care of themselves and their belongings, as well as learning how to dress for weather and mastering many outdoor survival skills.

Camp activities give girls an opportunity to practice teamwork and learn leadership skills. Time outdoors provides the chance to explore, observe, and learn about nature.

This can be the beginning of a deep appreciation of nature. Many of the girls who receive a campership enjoy the camp experience so much that they apply in subsequent years. In their application essays, the scouts share their experiences meeting girls from a wide area, learning new skills, and building self-confidence.

One scout who received camperships for eight years recounted all the different experiences that she had. Something that she had really valued through the years was that she made friends with girls from many different towns, and they kept in touch during the year. Then each year, they would decide together which camp to attend. She learned about the types of outdoor activities she liked and disliked, and how to compromise with her new friends.

The Founders’ Campership Fund is pleased to assist Girl Scouts to have a unique summer adventure.