“There is an assembly today! Something about a organization called Simiyu House...” my best friend Megan exclaimed as we walked through the door of the gym. This is What You Came For was playing on the speakers as we climbed up on the bleachers and sat down. It was a sea of pink in the bleachers because we were participating in a day for Breast Cancer Awareness.

A man named Eric came out with the microphone in his hand and told us how awesome we were for our participation before began explaining what Simiyu House was (He’s the owner, but he’s also a middle school teacher in a school down the road!). He told us that the organization works with orphans in Kenya, and that he was using something called #GivingTuesday to help them.

He told us that he wanted us to dream big with him. He told us that our words were powerful. He told us that social media could be used positively. He asked us to take a journey with him, and told us that we could be someone who could tell others that we provided electricity to a Kenyan village that had never had it before...all by “posting positively on social media”.

We sat in the bleachers a little confused asking, “How can our social media posts make money?” But he told us that it had worked last year! How he helped a girl named Shanil return to school. Students last year raised $4,000 and paid for her to go to school until she graduated.

I thought to myself how amazing this man is, how he is changing the world. In that moment all my thoughts of finally changing the world were about to come true; I just didn’t know it yet. After the presentation I went up to Eric and told him how I would love to join his company one day. We then got to take a picture together (he said we better get one just in case I really did come to work with him, so he would have a picture of the day we met), and I left. On the bus that afternoon I started following Simiyu House on Instagram, and on one of his posts it said, “Where will your life take you?” I commented that I hoped to join a company like his. This, as I now know, was the beginning of starting a new job.

Later, on the same post, Eric asked me what interested me so much about Simiyu House, and he called me wise beyond my years. That really made my day. From then on I felt changed. I felt like all of the bad things in the world went away. I felt like I had no problems. Like everything bad just went away. My life felt calm. What I thought was, “This was how the eyes of Simiyu House feels.” It was like I was living a different life.

A few days later he sent me a message telling me I have a project. At that moment I freaked out. I went crazy. I just could not contain myself. And this. This: The project—is what you are reading. This blog post is my project. And I hope that this works. I hope you enjoy this. Simiyu House and #GivingTuesday are great organizations, and one day you should think of joining them, too.

We’re going to do amazing things this year by participating in #GivingTuesday with Simiyu House. We’re going to provide electricity for an entire village that has never had it before...That’s powerful. #ItsElectric.