Homelessness is a reality for many families with young children. In Florida 1 out of every 19 Florida children experienced homelessness in 2015. (US - HUD, 2016). Opportunity Place, Inc., (OPI) provides safe, supportive, temporary emergency shelter and crisis services for single women and families experiencing homelessness.

Clients are connected to income support, physical and behavior health care, community resources, childcare services, employment opportunities and other supportive services that promote financial security, housing stability and self-sufficiency. The majority of clients served are from Okaloosa and Walton counties. Our shelter is client and family-centered focused.

Between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017, more than 207 individuals found respite and support at Opportunity Place. The majority were single-parent households; 25% had fled domestic violence situations; 115 sheltered were children (50% of those were under three years of age).

Opportunity Place helps the chronically homeless as well as those who are situationally homeless. Whether it is a single female Veteran; mother and children living in their vehicle; grandmother and grandson who lost their housing due to a medical emergency; or a family evicted because the landlord did not pay his mortgage – Opportunity Place helps this most vulnerable population achieve self-sufficiency.

OPI also helps reduce the impact homelessness has on a child’s well-being by provided a supportive environment and connecting children to enrichment programs, early-learning centers and other resources for families and children. Core Services.

  • Crisis Services (food, clothing, shelter and basic human needs are met)
  • Temporary, emergency shelter
  • Intensive Case Management (formation of personal service plan, budgets, resumes)
  • Assistance securing sustainable employment, affordable housing, transportation, childcare, and medical/behavioral health care
  • Connections to mainstream, community, faith-based and public resources
  • Enhanced follow-up services

We believe every woman, child and family has the innate right to be safe and deserves an opportunity to succeed in life. Please help ensure OPI will be there for this most vulnerable population by giving to Opportunity Place on #GivingTuesday. Thank you.