The Samaritan Center's Success Story of Mary R. is amazing.

Mary has been homeless on the streets for many years, living behind a trash dumpster in the parking lot of a liquor store. She panhandled for money to buy her alcohol and cigarettes every day. With street outreach The Samaritan Center began building a relationship with her. She finally started coming in for services during drop-in hours at the Center and we began to gain her trust. She had no income, we worked with her to get her monthly social security income, which was needed to get her housing.

Over the last year and half we have been successful at helping her stay sober. Last week we were able to move her into her new apartment by assisting her to apply for and receive a Section 8 voucher. She is loving her new apartment. It takes a lot of effort and determination to help an alcoholic stay sober, to work through the DT's and getting medications to help with seizures.

We are so proud of Mary and the work she has done to stay sober and become a functioning member of our community again. She is staying in touch with her family and looking forward to a new life style and learning to cook again. Congratulations Mary!