Corvian Community School believes that every child can and will succeed in ways that reflect his or her own aptitudes, interests, and healthful lifestyle practices. Additionally, the school believes educating the whole child, which involves teaching social lessons in addition to academics, is essential to developing well rounded students. Art, music, nature, service, healthy living, and kindness are all components that develop the culture of Corvian. The school was even selected as an award recipient of Charlotte Mecklenburg’s Wipe Out Waste Recycling Ambassador Program because of their outstanding waste reduction and recycling program.

Corvian’s school day begins for all students with a morning meeting or an advisory group where students can discuss goals they have as a class, problems they want to share, or successes they have had. This teaches students speaking and listening skills, respect for others, self advocacy, and compassion for their peers. It also creates a safe space and helps build the classroom community. Students say they like going to school here because “people are nice and it’s like a family.” Parents remark that there is a different feeling within the walls of the school.

Corvian truly is a community school. Corvian has grown from a small private school with 15 students in 2010 to a free public charter school with over 800 students serving grades K-8 today. Corvian will open its doors to its first ninth grade class in the fall of 2018 and continue to add a grade every year until the school serves students in grades K-12.

Since, Corvian is a charter school, it receives on average $630 less in local, state, and federal funding and no funds for capital expenses (staff supplemental pay, technology, transportation/buses, facilities/land, and construction up fits.) The school needs its family, community, and outside members to help it bridge the gap to ensure that students continue to receive exceptional individualized education from the most passionate teachers, most mission appropriate programs, and in safe in sound facilities that allow students to flourish. Donating to Corvian Community School on #givingtuesday supports the continued growth of the school and helps it fulfill the ultimate goal of helping students develop happy, healthy lives well-equipped for the future.