Although we have a couple smaller barns that the Special Needs guys use, this one (2 14x18 stalls on both sides) houses our 4 oldest horses. We made it through last winter with buckets & blankets, but this year we'd like to do a much needed remodel to fix the leaky roof and rotting wood, and insulate the walls so that our Seniors (ages 22-36), will be a little more comfortable. With winter rains coming, along with the cold north winds, we really need to rebuild this barn soon. In addition, the front of this barn drops down about a foot where runoff from the roof has eroded the ground and pools, making it difficult for the old folks to get in and out of. We need at least one load of gravel to raise the area & filter the water away from the stall fronts. We also need to gravel the paddock areas for the Special Needs barns, so they are able to stay out of the mud a little better this year, which will take an additional truck load (about 20 yards of gravel total).

We are a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible, so not only do you get the year end deduction, you continue to help the horses that you helped rescue. We couldn't care for all of our residents without you. Won't you consider a donation today? No amount is too small.

Whispering Winds Animal Sanctuary