The Macular Degeneration Association (MDA) was formed in 2017 by Lawrence Hoffheimer. He watched helplessly as his mother lost her sight to this insidious disease. He vowed to have an organization that could provide answers about this disease as well as new treatments, research. What is unique about these programs is that specialists in the field of retina are present at all of our programs.

#GivingTuesday2016 gave the Macular Degeneration Association the ability to design and complete 13 educational conferences this year. We have reached over 2500 people this year alone. Macular degeneration has reached epidemic proportions the doctors are not able to spend the time that they would like to with the patients. This is where the MDA steps in by providing these free educational programs. The Specialist at each of these programs will talk about the disease, preventative measures, new treatment information and the latest news on research. There is always a question and answer session that the participants can ask questions and receive answers to help them make better treatment decisions.

Here are just a few of the comments that we have received from the participants all speakers were excellent; I’m very fortunate to have attended your super presentation – could not be beat; I thought I knew a lot about AMD but this presentation enhanced my knowledge immensely; outstanding presentation.

Thank you,

Macular Degeneration Association