Animal Tracks, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit wild & exotic animal rescue located in Santa Clarita, California, just outside of Los Angeles. We have years and years of experience with each of our animals. All of our animals have various stories, such as they were confiscated, injured, bought in the exotic pet trade, imprinted, came from hoarding situations, etc. Many of these animals lack physical perfection, or they are hybrids, which makes them unqualified for zoo life.

Our job is to give these animals a forever home, and share their story with the world. We go to schools, libraries, summer camps, assisted living homes, festivals, and more, providing hour-long educational and entertaining programs, we call it "edu-tainment"!

We provide tours at the facility and also a unique "Monkey Experience". We are one of the few facilities in the United States that offers hands-on interaction with primates. This is an educational, up close & personal adventure where we speak extensively about primates importance in the eco-system and the need to be respectful of them in captivity as well as in the wild.

The world is one large connected place, like a puzzle, and you cannot keep removing species from the puzzle, it will not retain it's shape and will fall apart eventually. Every living thing serves a purpose, no matter how small or large, the dung beetle is just as important as the rhinoceros!

Mother Nature is quickly approaching the point of no return. She has fed species greater than us, and she has starved species greater than us! Here at Animal Tracks, Inc., we are trying our best, in our own small way, to make the world a better place!