Miracles in Motion (MIM) is a 501(c)3 corporation that was founded in 2007. Our classes are offered at 2 locations in Richmond, Va. MIM is designed to provide a full dance experience to our 54 students through structured choreography in a dance company setting, providing over 15 performance opportunities to our dancers each season and various social activities throughout the year. Our mission is to provide quality dance instruction to people with special needs while promoting awareness in the community through the joy of dancing. However, MIM does much more than provide dance instruction. Through music and dance our program helps our dancers develop socially and physically. The families, therapists and doctors of our dancers are astounded at the tremendous improvement in speech, fine motor and gross motor skills. Confidence levels skyrocket as our dancers grow in MIM. It has given our dancers the confidence to seek out leadership roles in community activities. Many have successfully joined the workforce.

Since its creation in 2007, MIM has been making leaps and bounds in the community with its innovative style and powerful reputation. No matter where we perform, we raise the audience to their feet in standing ovation with tears running down their faces. Miracles in Motion is a force of awe and inspiration to people of all ages. They are BEYOND your ‘typical’ dancer.