Sometimes people run away from circumstances to the 'other side' to what they think is 'greener pastures'. It is common to feel that way. When the tough gets tougher, we need to pray even harder.

I've had times in my life when I wanted to run away form certain circumstances. I can remember how badly I wished someone had been there for me when I was being bullied in school. Being afraid to walk to and from school, I felt like I didn't have a friend in the world to understand my situation. My dreams were shattered. I felt like running away and finally did. I walked miles and miles away.

On April 25, 2016 I lost my Mom-ma. Not one of my family members called to let me know Mom-ma died. One day, my sister came to me and shared with me that she had breast cancer. With a listening ear, I put my feelings aside and put things into perspective. My heart felt better. The heavy burden I was carrying on my heart over grieving for my Mom-ma was lifted. I had to be there for my baby sister for moral support. I gave my time and helped her with the emotions she was going through when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I have grown to appreciate my life. One does not have to be rich to feel the sense of loss when a nurtured relationship is fractured. What Giving Tuesday is all about or should be about, is giving of yourself to help others in their hours of need.  It is about love, patience, compassion, support and leaving heart-prints on someone that is going through difficult circumstances. That is my impression and what I get from #GivingTuesday.

Dorothy Parker