Meet our Community Health Worker Fellowship Program graduates, who came to us with a desire and need to serve their communities and make a difference in their respective Healthcare Career fields.

Uma Mudaliar is a 5 year veteran dentist with a Masters in Oral Pathology from Mumbai, India who moved to the US in 2015 and continues on her Oral Pathologist course work at Columbia University for a Masters in Public Health.

Maleeha Munawer has a Human Behavioral Science degree and speaks Urdu, Hindi, Balti & Punjabi. Maleeha's work at the Tri Cities Health Center has been invaluable in patient advocacy and community outreach.

Uhiere-Ebite (Steven) has a BS in Public & Community Health at Novena University and is a Registered Nurse in Nigeria. He speaks Yoruba, Igbo & Ika and worked as an HIV counselor and has a passion for community work, care for LGBTQ, nursing and public health.

Sharda Parajuli has a Master in Public Administration at Tribhuvan University in Nepal is continuing with her Masters in Business Administration and has worked for Save the Children. As a youth with disability, an activist of child rights and her successes coming from Nepal to the Norwegian Parliament to the US; Sharda is a shining example of the power to overcome.

Sashi Subba was born in Bhutan and has a Bachelors in Political Science and Journalism. She has worked under the World Health Organization where she worked helping survivors of sexual and domestic violence in Nepal. Sashi is committed to Women's Health and is studying Child Development at Merritt College.

Prem Pariyar has a Bachelors degree from Nepal with emphasis on Mental Health and Suicide prevention. He is the founder chair of Nepal Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Research Center & Children's Home. Organizing for Action and has a sound knowledge of the Nepali local community.

Roshmi Rayamajhi completed her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Nepal and a Masters in Public Health from Norway. Roshmi continues her community work through Wellness in Action, Partnerships for Trauma Recovery and UC Berkeley.

Minu Sikhahal is a physician, surgeon and chief professor of Occupational Medicine from Guatemala. She has worked at Clinica de la Raza as a health navigator assisting 3 physicians and would like to continue to serve as a community health worker.

Yilak Fanataye has a Bachelors in Mathematics from Bahir Dar University in Ethiopia. He has extensive experience in evaluation, operational & data management and has recently started community health work and public health research with Alameda County.

Ana Panemeno studied medicine in El Salvador working as a community health worker in rural communities, providing resources in sanitation & health services and a certified nurse assistant & home care provider. Ana would like to continue her healthcare passion and pursue medical assisting.

Bringing together passion for people, the community, well-being and mental health for the betterment of all communities, we strive for wellness and thank our dedicated and wonderful participants for giving of themselves to embody the meaning of GIVING!

Diversity in Health Training Institute