My name is Cynthia Cornelius and I am the CEO and Founder of The Chinue X Project, Inc. (TCXPI) – An Afrocentric Educational Resource Service. I created TCXPI, a 501©3 non-profit, as an Online Educational Resource Service in 2011.

My initial goal was to provide Daily Black History via social media to those who were interested in becoming aware of the many significant contributions made by African, African Americans and Blacks throughout history. From the responses I received from my audience, I realized that there was a hunger for Black History Facts.

As an African American native of Oakland, California, a product of the Oakland Unified School District’s (OUSD) educational system, I remember reading about American history and the building of the Americas. I remember how rarely there were images of African Americans and how no attention, by teachers, was given to Africans and African American’s contributions.

After completing my Masters in Education in 2013 (SFSU), I changed my goal to focus on facilitating education for children and youth to learn their heritage and culture of people of African descent who have made significant contributions to World and Human Civilization.

TCXPI Projects:

  1. TCXPI Afrocentric Young Scholars Program (2016)
  2. TCXPI First Annual BackPack GiveAway (2017)
  3. TCXPI Volunteer, Accra Ghana (2018)
  4. TCXPI Black History Flashcards (2017-18)
  5. TCXPI Young Scholar Program(2019)