I recently started a non-profit organization called Prolific Lives, and I am so eager to accomplish our mission of uplifting at-risk/not-so-privileged youths. This year is the first that I have heard about #GivingTuesday, so I have decided that, on 28 November, I will be giving to the homeless in my community.

Each day that I drive on certain streets, there are displaced homeless people not knowing where they will sleep each night, and begging for food. This tugs at my heart strings as I find it difficult to comprehend that there is so much money and resources in this country, and still, there are those who's possessions are stuffed in a shopping cart, and they have no place to call home. I am in a position to help, and that is what I attempt to do.

My plan is go around my neighborhood and collect items which could be of benefit to the homeless. Items could include, blankets, clothes, and bottled water. This is just a start. As my organization grows, I will be in an even better position to give, and give more. I do hope that in addition to helping youths, I can also make a positive impact on the rising number of the homeless who resides all across our cities and counties.

-Georgia Mitchell, CEO Prolific Lives