The Morthland Foundation is an organization charged with a mission to preserve the pioneer spirit of those who forged the first frontier in Franklin County, Illinois, about 200 years ago. We #ForgeOn in the same spirit of our early settlers, fundraising to support Forging Futures 2.0, our second annual scholarship campaign for Morthland College students.

The mission of Morthland College is to provide a premier liberal arts education to a diversity of learners within a setting committed to Christ, Wisdom, Tradition, and Heritage. As MC's Vision Statement says, they are a college #ForgingFrontiers in a #SpiritofInnovation.

The Morthland Foundation is linking arms with them in this #GivingTuesday campaign with a goal to raise all funds necessary to subsidize tuition and fees for all students, support their housing dollars, and fund their student work jobs, so that the men and women of MC can graduate without debt and #ForgeOn into their own #Frontier as unencumbered alumni.

At The Morthland Foundation, we are committed to that same #SpiritofInnovation and support #PrivateEducation that uses privately donated dollars to fund its enterprises without relying on the federal government to carry out its mission.

The Morthland Foundation is #ForgingFrontiers with Morthland College, #ForgingFutures for their students, and #ForgingOn even in dire times in higher education, working to create a culture free of governmental entanglement. We are funded by dollars from benefactors committed to the mission of our organization.

The Morthland Foundation is a #Guild, linking arms with Morthland College during our #GivingTuesday 2017 Campaign.

A #Guild is a group of people in pursuit of a common goal.

Our Goal is to support quality, faith-based education in southern Illinois.

This #GivingTuesday, The Morthland Foundation is #CirclingtheWagons around Morthland College through our #ForgingFutures 2.0 Campaign, freeing them up to #ForgeOn in the same #SpiritofInnovation of the those who forged the first frontier in Franklin County, Illinois.