I was out exploring the streets when suddenly the hair on my back stood straight up. A strangle smell was on the wind, one I had only ever heard of. 'A dragon!' I thought to myself.

My tail grew to twice my size but I knew this was my destiny. This was what I had been training for all of my life. All of my buddies had teased me as I did my martial arts exercises but little did they know that their lives were in my well-prepared paws!

I stalked the dragon, sniffing it out better than any ol' bloodhound would have. It had cornered a couple of helpless cats who cowered and called for help.

I pounced upon the scene, my chest (and fur) puffed up as I cried out "You, black-hearted beast! Yes you! I am here to fight you!"

It turned slowly and chuckled malevolently when it saw me. "You dare to challenge me? What a delightful snack I shall have before feasting on these other two."

My ears flattened against my head and my pupils grew large but I stood my ground as the dragon advanced.

With a hiss and a yowl, I launched myself at the dragon. It's a bit of a blur from there, but that dragon went running with its tail tucked between its legs and the two cats shouted a brief thanks at me before high-tailing it out of there as well.

I sat down and started counting body parts. 4 legs, check. 1 tail, check. 1 nose, check. 2 ears....oh dear.

As I sat there, dazed with blood pouring down my face, a kind damsel of the human variety came upon me. She tutted over my poor head, scooped me up, and brought me to the apothecary known as Anicira.

I was still amped up from the battle and cautious of being lured to the dragon's lair. But all of the folks there at Anicira exclaimed over me, praising my bravery while cleaning and stitching up my wounds. I told them they should see what the other guy looked like!

The head apothecary, a Doctor Beichel, gave me potions for the pain and takes me home on the weekends. During the week, I have a bevy of ladies cooing over me especially since I purr and chirp at them.

I'm told that I'll be staying here at Anicira for the next 2-3 weeks so that my wounds heal properly, then I'll find a permanent home of my own. I would try to tell them that it's just a flesh wound but frankly, I'm enjoying the attention. Even a brave, knightly cat like me has gotta take advantage of life's niceties once in a while!


Bob appears to have been attacked by a dog or coyote. In order for his fairly major wound to close and so that we can manage his pain, he'll be staying at the clinic for the next few weeks before finding his forever home through Anicira Adoptions. Anicira is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving animal lives through affordable veterinary care, humane education, and adoptions. Thanks to our supporters, we help hundreds of animals like Bob every year!