On August 12, 2012, two year old Kara pulled on the cord of a crockpot, spilling the hot contents all over her. David, Kara’s dad, reacted instantly and put her in a cold shower. When he noticed the severe burns all over her body, David rushed Kara to the rescue squad in Scottsville, VA who then transported Kara to the University of Virginia Hospital.

This tragic accident left little Kara with a multitude of burns including second degree burns on her back, eye, face, head, and foot as well severe skin loss on her back. The list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, the University of Virginia Hospital no longer had a burn center that could deal with the magnitude of Kara’s injuries. Kara’s family then turned to Shriners Hospital in Cincinnati, OH who made an appointment for her right away.

Kara’s grandmother Lynn had this to say, “I will never forget standing outside the hospital emergency room watching the ambulance pull out to take Kara and my daughter Larissa (Kara’s mom) to the airport. I felt so bad having held on to her for so long here in Virginia. A complete stranger pulled me into an empty room and told me that I had to let her go, that the Shriners Burn Center in Cincinnati could help Kara. As you can see from the picture, Kara is absolutely thriving these days, thanks to the love and care that both the Shriners and Angel Flight East have shown us. We are blessed and we know it.”