This article is part of #GivingTuesday's #WomenWhoGive series, which highlights women who are doing good in communities around the world.

My name is Savannah Kralovec. I am 22 years old and a graduate of Arizona State University. I currently work as the Project Manager for a non-profit organization called Orchard: Africa. Our organization empowers local leaders in impoverished rural villages in South Africa to bring sustainable change to their communities. I serve every day through my work and it constantly inspires me to look for worthwhile organizations that are dedicated to empowering and educating people all over the world.

In college I served by volunteering as a youth leader in Young Life and a supervisor for a tutoring program for children in Title 1 schools in Phoenix, Arizona. Through that tutoring program I supervised a group of college student tutors. One of my rules was that as a group we had to volunteer every semester. We volunteered at places like Feed My Starving Children and Project C.U.R.E. It was wonderful to share my love of serving with my tutors. More recently, I had the opportunity to be a volunteer counselor for a summer camp called Camp Kesem, which is a camp for kids whose families have been affected by cancer. Both of my parents battled cancer, so being involved with a cause so dear to my heart was beyond impactful. All counselors are required to fundraise so that all the kids can all go to camp for free without placing any additional financial burdens on their families. I fundraised enough for almost 3 kids to go to camp and I met over 100 kids that completely changed my life with their positive attitudes and zest for making the best out of their situations.

I love to give and serve because I am so privileged in my life and feel that if I have excess of anything that I can share with someone in need, I have no reason not to. Whether it is extra time, money, food, clothing, or hope, I love to give and I love supporting individuals and companies that feel the same way.

I define giving as helping someone in need with something you have and are able to sacrifice for their benefit. This can be done a ton of different ways, but no matter how it is done, it is meaningful. I am passionate about giving and will continue to give to causes that are changing the world. I may not be able to change the world myself, but I can do my part by supporting others who can and that gives me so much hope.

I would encourage people interested in giving back to start small if they don't really know where to go or what to do. A super easy first step is buying products that are socially conscious or that give back to people in need. Next, you can volunteer your time in the local community or with an organization that you share the same values with. There are tons of organizations looking for volunteers so it's just a matter of putting yourself out there and donating your time and skills. Giving doesn't always have to be financial, but if you are financially able and believe in a cause, giving in any quantity - no matter how small - can make such a huge difference. It doesn't take a lot to give back and make a difference, but it does require action.

I love working with kids and my absolute favorite memory of tutoring at a local Boys and Girls Club started when a kindergartener befriended me on the playground and told me that he really wanted to learn how to read. I continued tutoring and eventually became the supervisor of the program. When I got to that point, this boy was still in the program and was now a very skilled reader and used his homework time to help teach other students how to read! Not everyone gets to see their work come full circle like that, but it was such a special experience and I wouldn't trade the years I spent with those kids for anything in the world.