BEST Mission (Engage. Energize. Empower.): Giving Tuesday, November 28, 2017

In 2008, a group of brain injury survivors, family, caregivers and medical professionals came together because they recognized there were fundamental services missing from the traditional, and accepted, protocol of treating those with brain injury.

Their superhero statement to the world: We wanted to take control of our treatments, our recovery, and our lives. It is our belief that we know best.

The Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) launched a superhero mission like no other: to live the BEST and most empowered lives possible.

Fast forward to 2017.

From this original group of real-life superheroes, the BEST superhero teams grew and superheroes, from near and far, came together to explore their journey forward.

Their most important superpower?


Through peer support and mentoring programs, educational opportunities or enrichment activities, these superheroes could interact, form relationships and work together.

It wasn’t long before these superhero teams were ready to take on the world.

Some of the BEST superheroes have started new careers and business ventures; some have tapped into new interests and activities that have sparked a new-found passion; others have been able to advocate for themselves and others.

Empowerment has brought superhero-sized energy to a community of people who are often misunderstood or overlooked.

They really do know BEST.

And one by one, each superhero along with their amazing families and supporters, are changing the face and perception of brain injury forever.  And now they are at the ready to change the world.

Mission accomplished?

In their view, it’s only just begun!

For mission updates and personal superhero stories, the BEST website, at, welcomes you! #TBITalk #engageenergizeempower #empowerallbrains