This article was published as part of #GivingTuesday's #WomenWhoGive series, which celebrates women who give back in their communities.

Sharon Williams has been in the field of non-profit charity work for over 35 years.  She and her husband Daniel are founders of Go to Nations, a faith-based non-profit organization currently operating in 90 countries throughout the world. Sharon has worked in 65 countries around the world. As an ordained minister, she was a part of the Christ the Redeemer Church Executive staff for 20 years. 

While serving at Redeemer Church, Sharon began a mentoring program for women. One on one mentoring as become an important part of her vision to see women overcome the past hurts and live successful lives locally and overseas.

In 2010, Sharon began Act 4 the Nations, a non profit organization taking groups of women overseas on short term trips to partner with frontline servants by bringing Spiritual and material support where it is most needed. Sharon has a specific passion to help women find their purpose in life. Her vision is to see women set free, made whole and thoroughly equipped to discover their destiny to help people in their sphere of influence. 

Sharon has been married for 40 years, has four children and thirteen grandchildren. In addition to traveling around the world, Sharon enjoys shopping, (especially for shoes), her grandchildren, girlfriends, and chocolate.

According to Sharon:

"We have a responsibility to give back. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, knowledge or skills, just willingness to help.

Begin somewhere, there are needs in your city, neighborhood you just have to look for it. Or go on a trip, join us or other groups who are successfully doing projects to help. It’s really simple, just do it."