Camphill Special School, a residential and day school for children with special needs in Glenmoore, started the holiday season in an incredible way. On Tuesday, November 29th we celebrated #GivingTuesday with an online campaign asking friends and family to make donations to the school. Contributions made on this day will grow our financial aid program, ensuring our amazing students can continue to learn and grow in a supportive, loving community.

This year the school’s Board of Directors and alumni parents offered $27,000 in matching gifts. Donors met that number before 9:30 AM and the contributions continued! We are excited to share, thanks to the kindness of our friends and neighbors; we were able to raise over $65,000.

Adding to that the matching gift from our Board of Directors and alumni parents and #GivingTuesday 2016 is a $92,000 success story. What a true celebration of giving! Donors were encouraged to engage with our posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their shares, comments, and likes were instrumental to our success.

This year, we offered Person Giving Pages, and encouraged our donors to form and join teams. Step-by-step guides, complete with screenshots, were available to those who needed extra guidance. Custom emails were created, and team members were given tips and best-practices to set them up for success. We also created dozens of images featuring different students, and shared them with our donors. These images had the message "I support Camphill Special School" across them with the #GivingTuesday logo. Donors were encouraged to share them, along with the link, on their Facebook wall.

2016 is the fourth year Camphill Special School has participated, and we raised 173% more than last year. 268 people made donations to the school. Our school has 120 students, so to have that number of donors, 51% of whom were first time donors, was incredible. At Camphill, our focus is on community and our ideal is to engage all members of our community in meeting their own needs, as well as those of the community at large, to whatever extent their abilities allow. Students stage concerts, dramatic performances, and elaborate puppet shows for each other. They take part in woodworking, weaving, pottery, and gardening together. The Transition Program at Beaver Farm produces all the beef, pork, chicken, and eggs needed by our school. They learn food processing and cater meals with the produce they grow, another of the many ways in which they give back to their friends.