When seven-year-old Amy learned what her neighbor, Christa Lagatic, does for a living, she immediate lit up. Christa is a teacher for PCDI, a school for children, teens and adults with autism. A bright and curious girl with a keen desire to aid others, Amy had recently started a "lunch bunch" with a girl at her school with autism as well as a charity called Kids Supporting Kids with her friends Amina and Antonella. After talking to Christa, Amy wanted to know even more about how kids with autism experience the world.

On October 12th, Amy visited PCDI. She saw how the students used iPads to communicate, stay on task, and learn. Her wheels started turning. How could she make it easier for a little girl or boy to say hello or ask for a snack? Could she help the school get more iPads or better, newer iPads?

After Amy told her Kids Supporting Kids co-founders about the students at PCDI, a plan was born: #iPadsForAutism. They just had to get PCDI more iPads! PCDI and Kids Supporting Kids decided that Giving Tuesday would be a perfect platform to raise money and request donations.

On #GivingTuesday, Kids Supporting Kids and PCDI raised enough to purchase six iPads and two iPod Touch devices for students with autism. PCDI is looking forward to welcoming Amy, Amina and Antonella in a few weeks when they will be presenting their hard-earned iPad donations. (We will be sure to take a belated #UNselfie!) PCDI, and Christa most of all, are so impressed with what young Amy has been able to accomplish and her dedication to help others. What a remarkable young girl; we just had to share her story with you!