When our only child died suddenly in late 2013 we were obviously devastated: Alexandra was a bright young 23 year-old who had just graduated, found a job, and wished to make her mark on the world. How could she have dropped dead like that with no warning? We discovered that her use of hormonal-based contraception (the pill) had increased the risk of Pulmonary Embolism by a factor of four; her death was caused by a massive PE that killed her within a few hours.

Thousands of other women die like this each year, but the risks are not widely known. Our current fundraising campaign aims to review all the presently-available tests for an individual's tendency towards blood clotting, and to hopefully identify one that is most suitable for checking the risk of PE in women on hormonal birth control.

Our ultimate goal is to make it so that women can take such a test before commencing birth control. This will allow them to make an informed choice about their birth control method - there are many options out there. It is our hope that a simple test will save the lives of so many women, and prevent other parents from experiencing the devastating loss of a daughter.

Following a #GivingTuesday Webinar that was held in conjunction with Facebook, we decided to set our goal of $25,000 in donations that would facilitate the study. The information provided by the #GivingTuesday team encouraged us to begin fundraising via a call to action from the Foundation, plus other initiatives such as posting memories of Alexandra on a regular basis, and preparing for a wine tasting party and auction where all proceeds go to the Foundation.

#GivingTuesday is new to us, but we hope to make it a part of our annual fundraising strategy!

Learn more about us at http://www.alexrowanfoundation.org