We run a very small non profit which focuses on the well being of Marine Life in and out of captivity. We have educated over 1000 kids in Chicago and Portland and in the process have formed some wonderful and strategic partnerships with One More Generation, Nat Bio Teach In and many others.

We are excited to be part of something that has such a positive impact on our younger generations. We want to thank your organization as well for the positive light you bring each November. The world needs it now more than ever:)

The attached photo is one handwritten note from a student in Portland. One student suggested they look at the issue of orcas in the wild versus captivity. The students showcased their work for May’s First Friday Art Walk covered here in the Portland Daily Sun.

Photos can be found from this event on our website at yooceans.org. While we are getting a brand new website this month, you can find many great resources on the site and we would love for you to visit and share your experiences with marine life as well!

We feel education is key and with education comes change! And our next generation of students across this country can do just that!