Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas believed everyone has an obligation to put back into life more than what they take out.  With that in mind, Wendy’s was founded with the belief that a company should do more than sell a product or service.  We believe in giving back to our communities and continuing Dave’s legacy, which is why Give Something Back is one of our brand’s core values.

To celebrate #GivingTuesday, employees at the Wendy’s Restaurant Support Center in Dublin, Ohio will write messages in holiday cards that will be donated to the Ohio State University Star House, a local drop-in shelter for homeless youth ages 14-24 in Central Ohio.  Each holiday card will have a Wendy’s gift card inside that the youth will be able to use at any Wendy’s restaurant in the area.  We will also have Frosty desserts and popcorn available for our employees, as we hope to raise awareness and inspire participation around #GivingTuesday.

Wendy’s brings joy and opportunity through food, family, and community, and we are excited to celebrate #GivingTuesday by providing teenagers in need with a Wendy’s meal this holiday season.