In NYC alone over 11,000 girls and women will sleep in shelters each night. One of the most overlooked items that these girls and women desperately need is menstrual products. When they go without, they miss school, work, and other opportunities, which give them a disadvantage that their male peers simply don’t have to deal with. Also, menstrual products are not covered by government benefits. These girls and women will use whatever they have access to including paper towels, old shirts, and rags, compromising their health and their dignity.

UnTabooed is a New York City based nonprofit committed to breaking the taboo surrounding menstruation by providing menstrual health education and sustainable menstrual products to women in need, and promoting conversation among people everywhere. Through our one-hour educational workshop, we cover the basics of menstrual health, how to use reusable menstrual products (menstrual cups and cloth pads), the economic, environmental, health, and empowerment benefits that come with switching to reusable products, and a free distribution all the products a girl or woman needs for the next 5-10 years. We partner with shelters and community centers whose clients could benefit most from our services.

Since UnTabooed was founded in May, 2015, we have served over 250 girls and women. Our goal for 2016 was to serve 100 girls and women, and we have been able to serve almost double. This #GivingTuesday, we want to provide a #healthy28forall. Our goal is to give 28 workshops in 2017. Through our educational approach and distribution of reusable menstrual products, we want to give a healthy 28 day cycle to at least 300 girls and women in need.