Imagine the child whose eyes light up when she reads about women scientists – never having encountered one in her world…

Imagine the women entrepreneur who, after years of working ungodly hours to grow her business, realizes there’s a way she can spend more time with her family AND bring home more money…

Imagine the college student who is ecstatic about applying for his first passport to participate in a study abroad program…

The Wells International Foundation (WIF) believes in the power of EDUCATION to improve lives.

Through our six Strategic Focus Areas (SFAs):

- Literacy

- Women’s Empowerment

- Travel / Study abroad

- The Arts

- Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM)

- Global Health and Wellness

We empower individuals to envision better lives and provide the tools required to build them. Our organization is just over one year old and we’re heading toward our first full-fledged #GivingTuesday fundraising campaign this year.

To our delight, we’ve found the UNselfie movement that supports #GivingTuesday to be an exciting way to call attention to our causes! We’ve been collecting UNselfies since late summer in preparation for our #GivingTuesday / end-of-year campaign.

Among those who have contributed photos are our first intern for our college internship in Paris (Travel / Study abroad), our first high school mentee (STEAM Education), participants in our first women’s leadership workshop (Women’s Empowerment), and the curator of the art exhibition that was our inaugural event (The Arts).

No one we asked about taking an UNselfie had ever heard of it before, so we had a bit of educating to do. Once they understood the concept and the purpose, people were excited to participate! Many were thoughtful and deliberate when we asked them to create a brief statement about why they support WIF. Others were content to use statements that had been created by others.

WIF has asked all UNselfie contributors to share their images on social media during the week leading up to #GivingTuesday and to include the #GivingTuesday hashtag in their tweets, status updates, and posts. We’re sharing them on our social media channels as well.

We are grateful for this grass roots support of our individual SFAs and our overall mission. And we’re grateful to Matthew Bishop of #GivingTuesday for launching the UNselfie movement!

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