I get great joy from interacting with homeless veterans. When I say that they are a grateful group of individuals, well I really mean it. On a weekly basis, I take meals to them because I always seem to cook too much. Most of the homeless veterans (and non-veterans) know me by face and always smile and make me feel welcomed.

I wish that I could do so much more for the homeless. When we say, "Thanks For Your Service" to our veterans, I wonder sometimes what we really mean. I am a veteran, who was once homeless so that motivates me to help as much as I can to pay it forward.

I have volunteered for the last five years because I am disabled and want to remain a productive citizen. I have seen homeless families living in their cars on the lot of a Walmart. I have observed them sending their children to school and working themselves, going into the store and discreetly bathing and brushing their teeth to maintain their hygiene.

My hope and dream is that we as a society stop putting band aids on the situation and really focus on the root causes of homelessness and assist those unfortunate individuals on our very own soil, especially the homeless veterans who defended, some even with their lives and served their country.

Our participation is in hopes of gaining support in so many areas of need for our organization. I am seeking compassionate and caring volunteers, donors, potential sponsors, partnerships and supporters to help us out with this movement. 

I am seeking not only monetary donations; usable land, containers, materials, vehicles or any in-kind donation to help our cause build resources and communities to help house homeless veterans. 

We would love to ultimately develop tiny and/or container housing communities. We have a dynamic and caring 100% volunteer staffing and over 50% are actually veterans.