History UnErased (HUE) is an education non-profit working to bring LGBTQ history to every school, every classroom, every student. 

Deb and Miriam, co-founders of HUE, left the classroom in order to reach exponentially more students and to enact real change. After many years of teaching English to students from every corner of the world, Deb realized that her self-censorship and dishonesty about her identity as a lesbian had been a disservice to her students. Deb now understands that honesty and visibility can be revolutionary - relating to individual identity and our collective identity. Deb and Miriam have witnessed the power of curriculum content in showing students their place in the world and their capacity to contribute to the world. 

HUE is launching the #GivingTuesday campaign with the Boston Renegades Women's Football Association, as both organizations have a shared vision of safer, healthier schools and communities through equal representation and equal opportunity.

What students are saying about LGBTQ history: 

“The Lavender Scare should be taught in all schools along with the Red Scare. LGBTQ history is important & needs to be taught to educate all students & the public in general. We cannot let ignorance rule any longer. An LGBTQ curriculum is very important & needs to be fought for.” Amanda, 16 year-old 

“Everyone in the world needs to learn about this. This can change the world.” - Mohammad, 18 year-old refugee from Iraq

“Why am I just learning about this now? If I had known about Bayard Rustin and his work with Martin Luther King I would have felt so much better about myself. I feel cheated and inspired.” - Andy, 17 year-old 


HUE is licensed with the MA Department of Education with the express purpose of preparing K-12 educators to include LGBTQ history in their classroom practice. HUE understands that real systemic change will happen when ALL students have the opportunity to engage with a more honest historical narrative - and when the voices of today's youth have agency in creating that change.

HUE is partnered with the Library of Congress, ONE Archives Foundation at USC Libraries, the National Park Service LGBT Heritage Commission and GLAD.