All Blessings International, Inc. is more than just a domestic and international adoption agency. This agency believes in the innate worth of every individual child and seeks to assist the children of the world by helping build families through adoption and providing humanitarian aide to children in need. In 2010, after the catastophic earthquake that hit Haiti, many of the ABI staff headed to Haiti to help with anything that was needed there. Those families and children helped by their efforts were not families or children associated with ABI. This was simply from the heart of the agency, headed by the executive Director, Lucy Armistead. This truly is the heart and core of this agency.

The department of state's current regulations are nearly impossible for purposeful non-profits to meet. All agencies, small non-profits, and anyone who fights for the cause of the orphan must have everyones support to face this new hurdle to serve families and children globally. The number of international adoptions has decreased by 75% in 12 years and many agencies have closed completely. The risk is real and the threat to defending the cause of the orphan is real. We need help and support in order for ABI (and all agencies) to continue in our adoption and humanitarian efforts!

This is even bigger than a financial effort and need, although we do encourage people to give as well! We also need people to fight with us and join us in contacting members of our Congress, and signing the petitions that are fighting against shutting down international adoption forever.

If you would like more information on the changes surrounding international adoption, please consider reading this article:

Please join with us in this fight to help the cause of the orphan and children in need. As well as fight for the families who want to bring their children home! If you would like more information about ABI, adoptions with ABI, our humanitarian efforts, or adoption advocating efforts please visit our website at

We are so blessed and thankful for #GivingTuesday! We know so many will not just be touched by financial giving, but also by volunteering and getting the word out to this world to make a difference!

Please join All Blessings in supporting this global day of giving! Our main goal right now is trying to get congress to help us work against shutting international adoption down. We will be using #GivingTuesday to bring more and more awareness, not just for us, but for orphans around the world and other agencies as well. 

This #GivingTuesday, and all days, we fight for the cause of the orphan, will you join us?