By Amy Burch.

My name is Amy Burch. I am the founder, operator and CEO of the 501c3 nonprofit in Palm Beach County, FL called The Stepping Stone Of PBC,Inc.

I formed the nonprofit in 2015 because not everyone qualifies for government assistance and government programs are limited and not everyone gets the same advantages as those who live on or under the poverty level. From my own personal experiences from growing up as a foster child, having family setbacks from two divorces and raising a disabled child with two siblings as a single mother and the challenges I have seen other people around me experience, I decided to come up with a solution to help others who are in need and don't qualify for government assistance.

The Stepping Stone Of PBC,Inc gives people an opportunity to continue their paths of personal and family success, when they come upon a life-changing situation and where they don't qualify for government assistance. Stepping stones of assistance in programs, services and training are offered to help continue their paths of success.

With being a new organization I have been able to assist a new Palm Beach County, FL family with special needs, get their children on the right paths for education and connected to medical providers. I also was able to help a family create more income by creating a resume that allowed for more job opportunities. I am currently assisting a family create a business that will assist in generating more income for their household and secure their legacy.

As part of #GivingTuesday my goal for the Palm Beach County, FL Community is to gain at least $8000.00 in funds which will financially support the Workforce Assistance Program that offers assistance in resume creation, job finding and readiness and job creation as well as our Emergency Aid Program that offers emergency relief in rent/mortgage, utilities and food(including pets) and also assisting with operational costs. I am also looking to gain supporters to become Stepping Stones In Action to volunteer their time in helping with operational needs, assisting clients, assisting in fundraising and joining the Board Of Directors.

I hope you join The Stepping Stone Of PBC,Inc and I as we make a positive impact and difference in our Palm Beach County,FL Community! Together we will curve the pathway from poverty and continue the paths of personal and family success!