Miquel Pucurull always felt the personal need and satisfaction when dealing with social causes. He is a passionate runner and enjoys competing in marathons in any opportunity. This year, Miquel Pucurull ran the Barcelona Marathon 2016 to support investigation against diabetes carried out by Sant Joan de Déu, a Children hospital in Barcelona.

Miquel is now 77 years old and feels strong enough and determined to keep on running for the wellbeing of humanity. This year he may be proud again: apart from his excellent physical conditions, charity will be a highlighting motivation to compete and practice sports, with the participation of all his relatives and friends raising funds to reach another challenge: he completed the Barcelona Marathon 2016 after raising 13.000€ to support Sant Joan de Déu Hospital and the research against diabetes.

But this is not the first year that Miquel is running marathons and raising funds; he has raised about 29.000€ in the last 3 years, in conjunction with the crowdfunding platform www.migranodearena, a free fundraising for all the ONG and foundations all around the year.

Miquel has run 45 marathons and, from 2015 he is running for good with www.granodearena.org  that in 2016 awarded him by Real Dreams Foundation as the most solidary person of the year for his collaboration with Sant Joan de Déu Children Hospital.

www.migranodarena.org is the official partner of www.givingtuesday.es and Miquel Pucurull is just and model to be followed by many Spanish, the future friends and donors of the 400 organizations and ONG participating in www.givingtuesday.es Spain in 2016.