Poison Apple Productions is seeking financial support for the Apple Academy Educational Theater Program for children ages 5-18 years old. Located in Martinez, California, Poison Apple offers a variety of opportunities, from first time experiences for kindergarteners, to advanced training for junior and high school students, by theater professionals! Centrally located in a community that does not offer after school arts activities, Poison Apple is grateful and honored to make performing arts experiences available and affordable to our Contra Costa Community.


Over the past year our cost of rent has increased 36% but our fees have only been raised 6%. Poison Apple Productions serves more than 350 young actors every year in our Apple Seeds and Apple Teens. If we had to pass on the additional 30% increase to our students, the fee for each actor would increase by $75. Keeping our programs affordable to our community is one of the key Mission statements of our non-profit organization.

Every $75 donated will assist one young actor's continued participation in the program. Apart from offering onstage experiences to youth, Poison Apple Productions is the only company offering the experience of seeing live family appropriate theater in the Martinez community. Our small 50 seat theater offers three different Main Stage productions a year for families to attend. Our general ticket cost is $15. We would have to increase our ticket costs by $5 per ticket to keep up with he rise of rent, making it more challenging for a family of four to attend live theater affordably.

Every $20 donated will assist a family of four's continued enjoyment of live theater at Poison Apple's Playhouse.

The cost of live theater involves many different aspects including: Lighting, Special Effects, Costumes, Scenery, Props, Make Up, Performance Rights for the Shows, Program and Poster Printing. Volunteers make up a huge part of our Production preparation, but the materials to create all this magic must be purchased. $25 purchases a sheet of plywood for our sets $50 provides makeup for 10 student actors $75 supplies a tailored costume for one child


Poison Apple’s Performance Classes were developed to act as an encouraging and supportive educational pathway for youth interested in experiencing all aspects of theater.

Be a part of helping encourage, inspire, and foster the creativity of the upcoming generation of arts enthusiasts and appreciators. Every contribution makes a difference, and we thank you for supporting children in live theater participation!

Take a look at our Apple Teen Performers Spring 2016 production of The Music Man Jr! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2Pb4UTpWd0