Pizza Klatch (PK) is a non-profit organization that serves Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Two-Spirit, Pansexual, Asexual, Genderfluid and Genderqueer (LGBTQ+) high school youth and their allies in Thurston County, Washington.

PK provides peer-to-peer support groups during high school lunch periods, bringing free pizza, two trained facilitators, and a safe space for discussion, support, and education.

Our mission is to foster resiliency in LGBTQ youth and create a safe and positive school experience through support, education and empowerment. We believe that every student should be free to learn without violence, harassment, discrimination, suicidal ideation or self-harm.

The need for support groups among LGBTQ+ teens is increasing every day. More and more youth have come out as gay, lesbian, transgender, or queer and society can’t quite keep up. Suicidal ideations among LGBTQ+ youth are significantly higher than among the general population. These teens need a place where they can feel safe, regardless of identity; where their voices can be heard; where they can be supported by their peers. This is exactly why Pizza Klatch exists!

While we pride ourselves on our progress thus far in the community, there has been great demand from community members to expand, specifically to middle schools in Thurston County. Expansion to middle schools is crucial as this is where many youth begin to realize their identities and subsequently get bullied. This is why we are participating in #GivingTuesday!

Our organization is largely supported by grants and individual donations. Last year PK raised $600 via #GivingTuesday and we're hoping to match that amount this year!