By Ashley Benton.

My name is Ashley Benton and I am the Founder/Owner of The Green Team Helping Hands, Inc.

The Green Team Helping Hands, Inc. originated in 2012 after a gift givento my Father, James Benton. In 2009, My Dad was given an organ donation by the mother of  Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver, Chris Henry. Without that organ my Father wouldn't have survived another night. Chris had come to the hospital after a fall and was brain dead. His mother, Carolyn Glaspy, made a courageous decision to donate his organs to help others to live on. My Father was the recipient of the greatest gift from one human to another.

My family had seventeen more months of memories with my Father, and  I was so touched by this gift  that it changed my whole trajectory.  After my Father passed away I wanted to pay the blessing forward as well as keep my Father's loving helping hands memory alive. See, my Father raised me to help those less fortunate, so I began to do just that. The Green Team Helping Hands, Inc. was a vision that became a lifelong purpose. Helping the homeless is the most gratifying decision I have ever made. I, The Green Team Helping Hands, Inc along with  our weekly volunteers, and team of honorary members from across the United States, Mexico and Canada have devoted our lives to being beacons of light for many. I started out feeding 18 people each week to now feeding between hundreds a month! I have taken women, men, and families off the streets and provided them with nightly and weekly shelter.

For #GivingTuesday, I'm am putting together a huge Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless and will also be giving guests a free sneakers! They have to walk so many miles each day just to get nourishment - this is our small gift to them! We are expecting at least 150-200 people with about 30 volunteers! 

To learn more about my mission and goals please visit