Here at OHA we will be #GivingThanks by having an online fundraiser for our Ska-nonh Great Law Peace Center. The Skä·noñh – Great Law of Peace Center presents the authentic voice of the Haudenosaunee through their Oral History tradition. As an Oral History based facility, it pays unique tribute to oral history as a valid historical documentary form. It is also the only facility that tells the history and values of the Haudenosaunee according to the spiritual and political center of the Six-Nation Confederacy – the Onondaga Nation.

The Skä·noñh Center encompasses the spirit of #GivingTuesday. It teaches the practice of Thanksgiving, the importance of gratitude and the knowledge that we are not alone, but dependent on one another and the world around us.

We are asking our community to join us in #GivingThanks. Help us to continue to share the stories of the Haudenosaunee and teach everyone to respect the whole universe we live in.

By Shannon Keib